My foot is currently causing me much grief presumably as revenge for the walk I took yesterday and the vigorous physio recommended exercises I did last night. I feel rather sorry for myself, rather anti-social and I’ve just dosed up on some lovely painkillers. Also it’s Saturday which should be a lazy day whenever possible so I think from now on my Saturday OneADays will comprise of me catching up on what I’ve written which has gone live over the past week, and generally skiving off doing ‘proper’ writing!

It’s been too quiet a week for my liking but here goes.
I started off the week with a preview of Star Trek Online for which, considering the regular patches, is probably already out of date! Here’s the snippet and link:

It’s been a long journey for Star Trek Online, with six years of development across two different developers under its belt. But finally fans will be able to get their hands on the much anticipated MMO in just a matter of weeks. Having had the opportunity to participate in the closed beta, I can safely say there is some potential here but it is mired in some strange design choices and eccentricities which still don’t quite hit the spot.

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Then there was PikGem, an arcade platformer which would have been brilliant 20 years ago but was supremely lacking especially considering its $20 asking price.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with PikGem, there’s just nothing really going for it. Think of it as like the chocolate toffee left over in the Quality Street tin after Christmas. It’s harmless enough, yet the only reason why you eat it is because it’s the last chocolate there and you feel obliged. Except, in the case of PikGem, you don’t have to feel obliged. You can just leave it behind and go play a number of vastly superior indie titles.

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Fighting Fantasy: Warlock of Firetop Mountain for the iPhone swiftly followed. It was great, albeit flawed. My huge love for Fighting Fantasy books probably helped a bit though.

Everything for the most part works well. Fans of the Fighting Fantasy will immediately adore the game thanks to its faithful adaptation, while newcomers to the series should enjoy it providing they’re not expecting fast paced action. Not much can be said in terms of graphical quality as this really is more of an ebook but the additional drawings supplied with this version are nice to look at and match the theme well.

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Then came a more analytical piece in the guise of my regular Rumo(u)r Killers article for TheGameReviews. This week’s was about the possibility of Sonic Adventure coming to XBox Live Arcade in the near future, a new 360 JRPG in the making and the odds of a new Lionhead game being developed besides Fable III and Milo and Kate.

Ah the Sega Dreamcast, the console that everyone loved but not until after Sega pulled the plug on the whole thing, only three years into its life. One of the saddest things about the console’s premature demise was the loss of so many great titles, the likes of Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi and Chu Chu Rocket. While there’s no sign of the latter two re-emerging, the chances of a reincarnation of Sonic Adventure are looking toasty.

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Finally the week was wrapped up with some mini reviews on the free MMOs Lunia Chronicles and Rumble Fighter.

Lunia Chronicles is clearly an MMO aimed at the more casual gamer. It’s free to play, it’s very simple but it still has that certain something about it that would make more hardcore gamers compelled to play, even if they might not want to admit it…
…Rumble Fighter is from the same stable as Lunia Chronicles and is again a free to play online MMO with micro-transactions. This time round though, Rumble Fighter borrows elements from the Super Smash Brothers series of games rather than the side scrolling beat em up genre. It works, but I didn’t find it anywhere near as enjoyable as Lunia Chronicles.

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And that’s a wrap. This week was also my last week writing for GamesAreEvil and ThePortableGamer as I’ve now moved on to pursue other things.

Next week promises reviews of Fallen Earth, VVVVVV, Gerbil Physics (!), learning to pitch my ideas and I’m not quite sure what after that!

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