Blog a Day 169of365: Follow Friday

To kill two birds with one stone today, I’m blogging my Follow Friday choices on Twitter. It feels a more personal way of doing it and it produces a nice, handy blog entry too!

Everyone I follow is worth following. I wouldn’t be following them otherwise but here’s some select choices for this week. In alphabetical order:

Excellent bloke. He’s a great games writer (see his Alpha Protocol review for an excellent example) and he’s an entertaining and friendly Twitterer 🙂

Brad’s an editor over at GameCritics, he’s also a fiction write. He never fails to have an interesting perspective on things. All round lovely person too.

I’ve been friends with Davey for quite a few years now. Annoyingly I missed his wedding to the lovely Lynnie thanks to breaking my foot only the week beforehand. He rocks though. Him and his wife Lynnie never fail to make me feel very welcome when I stay and I regularly wish that I lived much nearer to them! I could easily ramble on about how great they’ve both bee to me over the years, but I’ll resist 😉

Nokkon’s another one that’s been there for me countless times. Lovely bloke, very generous and kind. Not always right in his opinions (Heavy Rain for one thing) but he’s brilliant. Passionate football fan too.

Rhiarti’s a thoroughly lovely person. World of Warcraft fan as well as all round gamer. She’s suffering through a horrible job at the moment but she’s keeping as chirpy as can be. She could do with a bit of luck though and certainly deserves it! Ooh and she’s another fellow OneADayer!

Sam’s a talented writer who never quite gets as much time as he’d like thanks to his busy day job. Shame as he writes some great pieces. He’s been a great friend in recent months and has a heart of gold.

Sinan’s an incredibly hard working writer. I’ve no doubt he’s on the cusp of true greatness and being paid well for his excellent work. He’s part of BigRedPotion, a great podcast with some consistently interesting debate. He’s also recently managed to acquire all 242 stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in just over a week. An achievement and a half!

Dan’s my boss over at Resolution and B4HD. He’s a good boss though! Always hard working, always determined and a talented man who deserves to be noticed. Also a great friend. 🙂

Finally, a special mention to the lovely JimMcCauley who supplied me with a Crackdown 2 demo code earlier today 🙂

That’s only a small selection of great people on there. There are many more that I could list. Actually I’m going to list a few more, albeit without the ego boost few sentences simply because this could turn very long and very predictable!

Strident, Ratsoalbion, Bluehero, SilentHitoshura, Dits and Kittencaboodle

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  1. Sam

    Thanks for the mention, miss 🙂 Very kind of you – I shall reciprocate if I ever do a #ff! 😉

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