Blog a Day 168of365: [No Title]

I have no inspiration today. Literally none. Can’t think of an entry title. I haven’t really even accomplished anything having felt too idle today. Shame on me really.

I blame the work meeting last night. It didn’t go badly fortunately but it did last a long time. I left work at 11.15pm, didn’t get home till gone 11.30pm. Then I explained it all to my Mum as she’d been concerned. By then it was gone 12.30am. I was still wide awake so I watched some TV. In the end it was gone 2am by the time I tried to sleep but it was a very disturbed night’s sleep. Lovely.

This meant that I overslept and since then I’ve just not really woken up properly. I got some much needed food shopping done but that was it for great accomplishments.

Still I guess everyone’s allowed a lazy day. I worked through the weekend last weekend, I worked all day Tuesday up until about 11pm, so I guess a day off is about due.

I’ve been pondering my game collection again today. The summer seems like a good time to cut back drastically. Mixture of good weather, football and dire lack of money, it seems like a good time to not buy anything for a while. As well as possibly sell a few mostly 360 titles that have been sitting in my collection for a while, usually due to seeming like a good idea at the time.

I’m pretty good with money I think excluding weak willed moments in game shops. Even then I never leave with a brand new game, always an older title. But I’m going to give it a go for a bit. Instead of thinking an extra time whether I really need this game, I’ll think a few extra times.

Should give me some time to play some lovely retro classics too!

Bets on how long this lasts are welcome 😉

So yes, rubbish OneADay today. Apologies as always!