Blog a Day 166of365: Work and Nintendo at E3

A rambley and brief OneADay I’m afraid.

It’s been a bit of a stressful and tiring day. There was a nice walk in there but for the most part I feel rather knackered.

It didn’t start brilliantly. I had a phone call from work to say that there’s a meeting to attend tomorrow night. My boss never calls meetings, certainly not at the last minute. He called a meeting in January. That was to do with ‘restructuring’. In the end it involved everyone’s hours being cut and one of the assistant managers being let go. It wasn’t a great meeting as you can imagine.

Whatever this meeting is about must be fairly important which makes me nervous as I work precious few hours there as it is and quite like having a job.

Hopefully it’s nothing major but time will tell. This time tomorrow I’ll know exactly what’s going on. Fingers crossed for me!

This evening I was all set to settle into the Nintendo E3 press conference as I’m writing about it for Resolution. Oh so conveniently my internet connection dropped for 2 hours. Great. That meant I was stuck playing catch up and had to spend a while finding a reliable recording of the conference as everywhere had moved onto the Sony one. I got there in the end but it took a lot longer than if my connection had been more reliable. Typical really as normally my connection’s pretty stable.

The conference was rather exciting though and I suspect my Wii will be used a lot more this year than last year. Donkey Kong Country Returns, Goldeneye, Kirby and Epic Mickey? Yes please! Plus Zelda for next year, hurrah.

And of course I want a 3DS too. God knows where the money’s going to come from for that but I’ll figure out a way!

The conference cheered me up a bit actually. Good stuff. My full thoughts will be over at Resolution tomorrow.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 166of365: Work and Nintendo at E3

  1. Anthony

    Sorry to hear about this suspect meeting. I hope it all goes well for you tomorrow, and that it is actually a late surprise birthday party for you or something equally as happy.

    I think this year has been Nintendo’s strongest E3 presence for ages to be honest. I am really excited about things to come! I’m just hoping that the 3DS will be slightly affordable (although from the look of the awesome sounding game lineup, I might actually consider a bank heist to finance mine).

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