Blog a Day 164of365: Paranoia

A good friend of mine is returning from Australia next month. She’s been out there for a year after finishing her training to become a doctor.

Can’t wait for her to come back but I’m also a bit nervous. I’m worried that she’ll have changed a lot. She’s had many more worldly experiences than me, especially in her year away. Me, well I haven’t. I like to think I’m reasonably educated and knowledgeable but in terms of hands on experience of different cultures, I’m a complete newbie.

We’ve been friends over 15 years now. She’s one of my oldest friends. We met while taking swimming lessons at the local pool and have always been pretty close. We’ve both taken very different paths now and she’ll no doubt end up the much richer of the two but she’s never changed in her attitude to things. While we’ve often been rubbish at keeping in touch (calling every few months with both of us apologising profusely for not being in touch before), it’s never felt awkward. It’s always as if we only spoke a few days ago, just obviously with a few months of life to catch up on. Then again we’ve never not been in touch for over a year.

I planned on meeting up with her before she went to Australia. But then I was ill, then time went somewhere, then of course I broke my foot. A few weeks later she had to leave quickly due to some sort of mix up, so we didn’t meet up. She did message me via Facebook on my birthday though and I’ve messaged her numerous times while she’s been away. The niggling silly worry is still there though.

She probably won’t have changed admittedly. We’ve been friends a long time after all, so hopefully it’s just me being an insecure soul.

She’ll probably have a month between coming back and starting work again at a nearby hospital. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet up a few times in that time. I really must make a concerted effort this time! No broken limbs at least, touch wood!

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