Blog a Day 162of365: Super World Cup Mario

It’s going to be a busy day today so I thought I’d best write up my entry now rather than later.

Today is not only the day that Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out but it’s also the start of the World Cup. There’s divided loyalties galore because of this! I’ve already alluded to the importance of the World Cup in this household but then again, new Mario game! Eek.

I’ve pre-ordered Super Mario Galaxy 2 at work which has made things a little fiddlier. You see I’ve got no way of getting there until gone 1pmish today as my Mum’s got the car and she’s at her Photoshop/Powerpoint course until then. The problem lies with the afternoon. I want to go get the game but I also want to see the opening ceremony and the first match too. I think a spot of pausing the TV thanks to V+ will be taking place while I nip over to work to get it.

The daft thing is I won’t actually get to play it until at least 11pm tonight. I’m at work tonight from 6pm but I don’t want to pick the game up then as I’m sad and want to stare longingly at the box and manual during the match. There’s a twisted logic to it, honest.

I would plan to stay up half the night playing it once I get home from work but I’ve got to get up tomorrow morning to go to the local produce market. To make things more complicated there’s more football on tomorrow of course, including the ever crucial England game. Should be able to get a few hours in but I’ll probably end up missing the South Korea vs Greece game otherwise I’m never going to find the time to play Mario!