Blog a Day 161of365: Progression

Today brought a rather exciting announcement. Something that I knew was coming because obviously I was asked beforehand but still it’s rather exciting to tell the ‘masses’. I’ve been appointed Features Editor at Resolution.

It’s an unpaid position but one that I feel rather proud to have reached. It means I oversee anything to do with features on the site. I read through pitches from the site staff as well as freelancers, suggest changes or additions and generally oversee it all from start to end. Brainstorming plays quite a large role here as well as general organisational bits and pieces. Oh and I oversee the regular columns already in place too. That of course is alongside my various writing for the site, i.e. the iPhone roundup, MMO Outlook and anything else I come up with/Dan throws my way. Busy times! Satisfying times too.

It’s exciting and I feel proud in particular that Dan, and previous editor, Lewis feel I’m up to the job. Always nice to be rewarded for your efforts by your peers after all.

Things like that make you feel a little more like you’re doing something right.

Wish me luck folks!

Oh and yes I appreciate this is a rather short entry for the day but it sums up exactly how I feel really 🙂

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