Blog a Day 160of365: Cinema Visits

I think I’d be pretty stuck if one day I was forced to choose between films and games. I’ve been to the cinema twice this week which has been rather nice.

Last night I went to see A Single Man at the local arty cinema. It’s attached to the University and only shows one film a day. Although you can buy tickets on the day it tends to be better to book ahead. We boked a few months ago. Typically it then came out on DVD to rent on Monday so we could have saved ourselves a few quid there. The venue isn’t ideal admittedly. It’s typically full of pensioners who manage to laugh at the most inappropriate moments you can possibly imagine. It was a stunning film though. Tragic but brilliant. Amazing art direction too. Colin Firth richly deserved an Oscar for his performance.

Today was a much more low brow affair: Sex and the City 2. I had very low expectations but it was alright. It was clearly aimed at fans and fans alone but fortunately Sex and the City was a guilty pleasure of mine so that was fine. Having read various reviews of it I can’t deny any of them. Some of it is cringeworthy beyond belief and I found myself thinking that some Sci-Fi films are more believable than the events in Sex and the City 2. It was still decent enough fun for a couple of hours though. Funnily enough the audience were much better behaved and much quieter than the art cinema audience!

I’ll admit I don’t really go to the cinema for intelligent viewing. More the big Blockbusters and Rom Com nonsense. I go for escapism mostly. So I guess the latter film tied in nicely there.

I’m watching Harry Brown now. A harsh film that isn’t bad but hasn’t yet reached the point of amazing as some people led me to believe. Interesting though.