Blog a Day 159of365: Childhood Aspirations

What did you want to be when you grew up?

That is of course assuming you’re grown up. I’m not convinced I am really. I reckon I probably won’t feel grown up until the day I have a mortgage or a child, whichever comes first. That aside though…

I’ve wanted to be mostly everything at some point. Well, nearly at least.

I wanted to be a cartoonist from quite a young age but there was an unfortunate problem. I can’t really draw. I did try very hard as a kid though and I wasn’t terrible, I just wasn’t very good. Now, stick men is about it really as I haven’t drawn anything in years. I was always envious of a friend of mine who could draw fantastically well, the git!

Then there was a brief flirtation with wanting to be a firefighter. It wasn’t long before I realised that I was too much of a wimp to do it.

I wanted to be Prime Minister too. Not sure where I went wrong really. The fact that I got far too cynical and realised that as Prime Minister I couldn’t really change the world, probably didn’t help.
Oh then there was the time I wanted to be an optician or a dentist. Lack of interest in Science caused a bit of a problem there.

The main one funnily enough was writing. First of all I wanted to be an author. I wrote quite a long (well long for a 10 year old) story about Daniel Young, a cartoonist. I remember nothing of it other than that but it’s probably lying around the house somewhere for me to nostalgically cringe at one day.

After that I kept writing various short stories and random bits and pieces. I also avidly kept a diary for every day of the year from the late 1990s until 2006 which will no doubt prove very useful to look back on one day!

There was also the film website. In a strange precursor to what I’m aspiring to do now, I ran a film reviews website. It was of course hideous to look at but I felt strangely proud of my accomplishment. I even had a member of staff: a man in the US who had a lot of free time and enjoyed writing reviews for the site. No idea what happened to him actually but it was an enjoyable project. There was an X-Files fansite attached to it too, again terribly cringeworthy. Mulder and Scully could do no wrong in my eyes, especially not Mulder.

I spent most of my youth either writing or playing games so I guess my career aspirations now make perfect sense. Hopefully one day I’ll make it and I can be one of those people who smugly proclaim they always knew what they wanted to do and now they’ve made it.

I certainly can’t see myself making it as a firefighter!

One Thought to “Blog a Day 159of365: Childhood Aspirations”

  1. Ooh lovely post idea! Mainly I wanted to be a singer. Concert pianist would’ve done at a pinch. Film actress was the other big one. Can’t recall ever aspiring to work a minimum wage shop job… Hmm.

    Glad you’re at least on the right road to doing what you always wanted though!

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