If anyone ever writes or films my life story (which is unlikely admittedly), this day won’t be mentioned. It was an utter waste of a day.

As mentioned on Twitter yesterday I’ve not been feeling well the past couple of days. Lightheadedness, headache, unsettled stomach, no appetite, feeling too hot, the general ‘not quite right’ bug. I had work last night which was a real struggle but I managed to somehow survive. Today though I’ve felt slightly worse with absolutely no enthusiasm to do anything.

Literally the only piece of work I’ve done today is that I played some more of Alpha Protocol. Oh and I sent a few emails. Yeah it’s been a bit of a write off really.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow, I’ve got things to do! I hate having days like these. I couldn’t even be bothered to do anything fun so it was just a pointless day in the end.

I’m watching The Aviator while I write this. It’s good but it’s making me feel very sad. My Dad would have loved it as his dissertation was on 1920s cinema. Probably not the wisest of films to watch tonight then but it’s holding my attention at least! More than I can say of mostly everything else today.

Actually there’s a point.

People, lend me your film recommendations. Name me films that you really think I should see. Any genre, although preferably nothing too sad as I’m a wimp of late with sad films! I’m not saying I’ll actually watch any of them but it’s nice to have some new ideas so I’ll certainly take note.

I need to expand my horizons hugely!

Blog a Day 158of365: Not a Memorable Day