Blog a Day 156of365: TV Viewing

Struggling for inspiration for tonight’s entry I wandered off to the BBC News site. I say wander off, it’s almost always open in a Firefox window. It’s my home page for one thing and I avidly read far too many stories on the site daily when I could have been using that time to do something useful.

I had a look at the News front page but it all felt a little too serious for a Saturday night. Despite loving a big old political discussion in person, I tend to be a bit more reserved online so I’m skipping over the Gaza blockade and other political related stories. I had a brief look at Technology but nothing stood out for me. I had a skim read through my local (Wales) news and realised no one really cares about a sheep being stolen so I found myself at the Entertainment page. Surely there’d be something here worth talking about? Er no actually.

In fact the Entertainment section’s main stories are tedious beyond belief for me. But hey, I’m desperate so I’ll ramble.

Britain’s Got Talent ended tonight. None of those shows have ever really appealed to me. I’ve seen bits of The X-Factor but I really don’t get it. I just see Simon Cowell rip people to shreds and feel bad for them. Obviously they really can’t sing very well but manners cost nothing if you ask me and he could do it in a less vicious manner. That and I think it’s appalling when 16 year olds aspire solely to be famous through one of these shows. Yes be famous. Be talented and succeed. But just to aspire to being on this crap for five minutes? Nooooooo. Be something better.

Oh dear I probably sound like an old person but it makes no sense to me at all.

The same can be said of Big Brother which is returning for the last series this week. Again, it just seems to smack of bullying and sad people desperate for five minutes of fame. That and it seems to be mindlessly dull which at least Britain’s Got Talent et al isn’t!

The other main story concerns Coronation Street. Another show I don’t watch, another genre of TV I don’t watch. I can see why soaps draw people in but they don’t appeal to me. I generally don’t like watching misery on TV especially not when I don’t exactly rate the acting ability of most of the people in the soaps.

Don’t get me wrong. I love TV. I watch a fair amount of it and appreciate its worth. Just not the above three shows. Having said that, if more people enjoy them than not, then fair enough. Well done them. I’m not going to demand that they’re taken off the air just because I don’t like them. I can always watch or do something else at the times they’re on. Plus I’ve got the World Cup to enjoy soon which many people will no doubt whine about even though it’s only on every 4 years!

Mind you, people who hate soaps, talent shows, reality tv shows AND sport, must be a bit screwed.

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 156of365: TV Viewing

  1. Pete Davison

    Ugh. There’s very little TV I enjoy. I’ll watch pretty much anything on Dave, and anything Charlie Brooker is involved in. And that’s about it.

    Any variation of the “people perform, then panel of judges talk bullshit” show makes me want to throw things. The thing that pisses me off most about it is that every channel keeps making more shows with the exact same format, and the idiots of the nation seem to be lapping it up. How irritating!

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