Blog a Day 154of365: End of an Era

Today brought with it my last Rumor Killers article for TheGameReviews.

I’ve been writing for the site for just under a year. Rumor Killers is a column looking at the possibility of various rumours coming true. It was a fun column to write and it was nice to flex my analytical muscles. I wrote it fortnightly with a number of other people on the role in between.

Besides Rumor Killers I also wrote two other articles for the site. A retrospective piece on Final Fantasy VII entitled Cloud’s Disturbing Crossdressing Adventure and a piece I’m still rather proud of, Motion Control and Disability which looked at whether motion control gaming is restrictive for the physically disabled.

During my time with the site I made some good friends too, notably Sinan Kubba and Joe DeLia, both fantastic guys. Sinan in particular has done a fantastic job of encouraging my writing, suggesting different ways of looking at things and generally being a great support.

I can’t really mention their names without also mentioning BigRedPotion, a great gaming podcast and the only podcast to ever feature me twice! That’s not the only reason why it’s great though obviously 😉

As clichéd as it may sound, it was a hard decision to leave TGR. The site has really helped me a lot. However I decided it was for the best after a lot of thought. I felt it was time to move on. Hopefully I can use this extra time in my schedule to achieve other successful things.

My last Rumor Killers article was on Natal, Shogun 2 and Beyond Good & Evil 2. Shogun 2 was confirmed to be true not long after the article went live. Another correct prediction by me, hurrah 🙂