Blog a Day 153of365: Red Dead Redemption

I completed Red Dead Redemption earlier today. It was a hugely surprising game in every sense. It wasn’t a game I hugely anticipated by any means. In fact I had no interest in it until the Sunday before its release. A workmate was raving about it and how I should really get it. As the evening wore on I started pondering if I could spare the money/had things to trade in. Then I started reading the reviews of it. Eurogamer’s was the one that really grabbed my attention, maybe it was because it wasn’t quite so excessively gushy as some other places or maybe it was just random luck. Regardless, that Wednesday I put in a very last minute pre-order at work.

By Friday I was far too excited even though I didn’t really know why. I spent the Friday afternoon playing it avidly while chatting to the aforementioned workmate over Xbox Live. We were both hooked. He hasn’t played it as much since due to having more shifts than me and more of a social life too but we’ve talked about it every shift since.

I’m looking forward to hearing his view of the ending. I reckon he’ll like it as he’s a huge Westerns fan.

To discuss this further (and to throw in a funny moment) I’m going to have to spoil a few things so if you don’t want to know then don’t read on…

Ok? Why are you still here? Bugger off.

Seriously, go!

Right then.

That ending. Wow. I had a feeling it was all rather doomed. It was all a bit too happy go lucky with Marston returning to his family and being a nice, content rancher. I just couldn’t see it lasting. I thought his family would be killed though and he’d have to avenge them. I was nearly right. I didn’t expect to play the son though after Marston’s death. A real surprise and a great concept if you ask me. Besides that the whole manner of Marston’s death was dealt with so well, it was so touching. The music greatly enhanced the mood too. Really rather impressive.

The only crap thing was one personal to me. After I’d avenged my father’s death I decided to call my faithful steed. I forgot I was at the bottom of a smallish cliff. I whistled. My trusty steed came running. Running straight over the cliff. He fell and bounced. I thought he might be ok but yeah that was wishful thinking. In that one moment of stupid horse AI all my thoughts of ‘wow this game has really done great things for emotive gaming’, cruelly dashed by the realisation that it is all just a game.

Oh well, maybe next time.

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  1. Ashton Raze

    I’m not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes during the credits. Everything about it was so perfect. The foreshadowing of what was going to happen was spot on, and it was handled so well, without a hint of the usual overblown melodrama present in gaming death scenes. Then THAT music playing, the piano stuff in the latter half of the credits, and reflecting on how Jack had ended up becoming the man John hoped he never had to be, but (at least how I played it) with a strong moral legacy to live up to…

    I loved how it came full circle to the first game too, with the book Jack was reading being a novelisation of Red Dead Revolver, then the events at the beginning of that game happening again at the end of this… immaculately handled storytelling, glitches aside.

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