Blog a Day 152of365: Grumpy Day

I’ve had a distinctly grumpy and down day today. Left over from the stress of yesterday I think. For the most part though it’s made me grumpy more than anything so apologies anyone who’s suffered me!

I like to think I’m relatively mild mannered. I know my workmates certainly consider me very mild mannered. You see I never swear. That’s not to say I never, ever swear. I quite often mutter ‘for fuck’s sake’ under my breath when I die over something pointless in a game, but people never hear me swear. Again I might sometimes type fuck (my favourite swear word) but I don’t <i>say</i> it.

Neither of my parents have ever heard me swear despite me hearing my Dad in particular swear quite a lot (he was in the Army once upon a time, it was part of the vocabulary!) Considering the things that have gone in recent years this is probably rather surprising. My Mum’s often expressed surprise that I’ve never said a single swear word despite all the crap (see another one I don’t say but I’ll type!) we’ve been through the past couple of years. Even throughout the whole broken foot saga, not one swear word, at least not one that anyone ever heard.

I just don’t really. I guess now that I’ve got this far, it’s never really occurred to me. Work think it’s fairly amusing which it is really. The amount of hassle we get and the muttered expletives when the customers can’t hear is sometimes very impressive, but never from me. Although I do often say that if anything will ever cause me to swear, it’s probably going to be a customer. I reckon one day there’ll be a Tourettes-esque explosion and some poor customer will be the brunt of two years of great stress. They’ll probably deserve it though to be fair.

In my grumpy mood today though, I hid away at the earliest opportunity. Maybe that’s why I don’t appear (to some people at least) as hot headed as I am, I run. It seems the best option usually. So once I got some much needed work done (my last Rumour Killers article before I leave TheGameReviews) I went and gamed. Red Dead Redemption and No More Heroes 2. It was good fun and just what I needed.

Maybe it’s violent games that stop me exploding. Hopefully!

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  1. Psymonkee

    Total opposite, especially when gaming! Although I do tend to avoid swearing in front of my immediate family….

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