Blog a Day 151of365: How Today Should Have Gone

I had a far from pleasant day today, as some of my Twitter followers may have noticed. Rather than rant about this though, I’d rather look at how I’d have liked to have spent this day. I’ll be realistic here. As much as I’d love either Robert Downey Jr or Bradley Cooper to turn up on my doorstep and take me on some candlelit dinner somewhere, I can’t see this Bank Holiday being the day somehow.

However I could have had a much better conventional day than I did today!

I didn’t want a busy or active day really. My foot hasn’t been great since work yesterday so all I really wanted was to relax. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow writing wise (My last Rumor Killers for one thing, which means I have to leave it till the last minute so to speak due to the speed in which news changes!) and a day to relax would have been ideal.

To be fair, the actual day started how I wanted the fictional day to start. I woke up about 10am having slept very well. Admittedly the cat then jumped on my bad foot which was not overly welcome but he’s cute so I forgave him. Then I got on with some last minute B4HD work (admittedly as much as I enjoy it, this wouldn’t feature in my fictional lazy day!) before playing Red Dead Redemption for a little while.

In fictional day world, I’d have played Red Dead Redemption for longer. I had to leave it just as things got extremely interesting. Annoyingly I don’t think I’ve got long left to play but at least there’s a fair few sidequests for me to complete. I’d have loved to keep on playing, just a little bit to see what was next. Ok maybe a couple more hours actually…actually maybe the entire day would have vanished solely because of this game. Anyway…

After I’d dragged myself away from Red Dead Redemption, I’d have made myself some lunch. Oh yeah I don’t really do breakfast on lazy days. Lunch would have been a quesadilla as that worked really well the other day.

Then I’d settle into a good, fun afternoon film. Not sure what off the top of my head. Something easy but fun. Maybe something with Will Smith or maybe Casino Royale for the 500th time. Ooh or maybe Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Arsenic and Old Lace. Ah so many choices!

Following that I’d love to say I’d cook something really interesting for dinner from scratch. I’d probably just be lazy though and defrost the chicken curry that’s in the freezer at the moment. It’s home made but it saves me having to do it from scratch on my lazy day! It would have made a delicious meal too.

The evening…hmm I don’t know. I’m home for the evening. I’m sitting here typing this One A Day. I’d probably have written an entirely different One A Day of course if my day had gone this well. My foot wouldn’t be so sore either. And I would have enjoyed a delicious curry.

I didn’t though. Oh well. At least I’ve done my duty for the day.