Blog a Day 150of365: Pointless or Pointful Randomness

There’s no weekly roundup this week as only a couple of things have gone live this past week so it seems daft to just write about that.

This does however mean that I have to come up with a different entry for today. Not great considering I’ve left this until the late evening when really I should have written this well before I went to work. In hindsight this was a bad idea indeed.

I’m sitting here staring at this Notepad window wondering how to ensure that this doesn’t become yet another dull filler entry. It feels a little like cheating to keep doing so.

Even worse this is the 150th entry. That’s a milestone! A milestone I wasn’t sure I’d manage once upon a time. Here’s to the next 150 and the following 65 after that too. There might be a distinct lack of quality over quantity but I’m still doing it.

I really want to write about being home educated once upon a time but tonight isn’t that night. I’m tired and I’d do a poor job of it.

I considered typing random letters into Google to give me some inspiration. I typed in ‘fvgdgsfs’ and the ever handy search engine suggested that what I actually wanted was ‘fgdfs’ which Urban Dictionary kindly told me is ‘usually the first five letters typed when typing random letters out of anger’. It’s right too you know.

Bizarrely typing in ‘l’ offers the Eurovision Song Contest as its third idea which is an interesting leap. Some good SEO there, sort of.

So yes, this is technically a pointless blog entry. Mind you, is there such thing as a pointful entry? Well there ya go then.

One Thought to “Blog a Day 150of365: Pointless or Pointful Randomness”

  1. Things don’t always need a point to be entertaining (hog tieing people to train tracks in Red Dead Redemption for example) and 150 is still a great milestone to have conquered. Keep up the good work and the always great reads!

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