Blog a Day 149of365: A Traditional Blog Post

It’s been a pleasant first day to the long Bank Holiday weekend. Fortunate really as I’m at work for most of tomorrow afternoon and Monday I’m away visiting relatives for my Grandmother’s 87th birthday (which is far from pleasant, I’ll explain how awful she is one day, honest! I won’t sound so terrible then). So I had to make sure today was a good day.

A good lie in started the day nicely. Despite not having a workplace to go to in the week, I do still have plenty of things to do writing wise, so it’s still nice to lie in bed knowing that I don’t have to get up and that there isn’t a pile of work awaiting me when I inevitably do.

The cat joined me on the bed as I was dozing. Poor thing has been a bit under the weather the last few days. He’s eating fine but his eyes look rather pitifully ill and he’s extra clingy. Even when I was banging and crashing in my room taking apart the desk yesterday, he was still cuddled up on my bed just happy to be in the same room as someone. He’s spent most of today following me around actually.

I played Red Dead Redemption for a while till I accepted that I should probably get up really.

A trip to hellish Asda followed. I quickly remembered why I try to avoid supermarkets on the weekend, especially at Bank Holiday. Stressful to say the least! I only went today as I wanted to buy a fresh pizza as they make them from scratch there. The plan went a bit wrong when it turned out that they’d sold out of the stuffed crust base that I wanted so I ended up buying a prepackaged one. Typical!

Once I got home I decided to make Quesadillas for lunch as I had some leftover wraps lying around. I also had cheese, peppers and mushrooms lying around which worked nicely.

Late afternoon/early evening was spent playing No More Heroes 2 and Monster Hunter Tri. My Wii is certainly far from deprived at the moment and I’m already pondering what organ I’ll need to sell to buy Super Mario Galaxy 2 soon!

Then there was Eurovision. Lovely, cheesy, oh so terrible but addictive Eurovision. It was good. Terrible obviously but so much fun too. Followers on Twitter were bombarded with many, many texts on the matter (hopefully they provided a few laughs too) and reading other people’s tweets made it a great event.

It’s been a nice, forgettable day.