Blog a Day 148of365: DIY things

There’s a desk in my room that is utterly pointless.

It used to be the home of my desktop PC and monitor. I haven’t used a desktop PC in over two years, not since a car accident made my shoulder rather dodgy and I decided to switch to a laptop. The PC itself hasn’t even been under the desk for 18 months or so as I passed it onto my Mum after her PC went wrong.

Since that time I’ve moved onto a newer laptop which has yet to succumb to any game I’ve thrown at it. My shoulder might have healed but my love of being able to take my PC around with me hasn’t faded.

So the desk has needed to go for quite a while. The problem is I don’t generally do DIY. The most I’ve ever done is put a DVD unit together. My Dad put the desk together years ago and that was that. Pathetic really but I guess when you live with someone that knows how to do something, you leave them to do it. The same as I’m the one that fixes the computer problems.

The desk has been gradually irritating me more and more. So today I decided to take it apart! Not that hard at all but it still felt like quite an accomplishment for me. It was pretty exhausting really considering the desk was big, sturdy and heavy. Got there in the end though. Also narrowly avoided any part of the desk landing on my dodgy foot too (which is still dodgy, ugh!) which is always a bonus.

Then I spent a while cleaning up the room and rearranging things. Before I completely collapsed I took a load of garden waste and other bits and pieces to the recycling place nearby. Yup I’m domesticated indeed!

Still knackered though. Plus my back and foot is twinging. Ah well. It’s nice to have achieved something 🙂 Now to raise the money for some new furniture!