Blog a Day 144of365: Give the Wii a Chance

I’m stealing Chris Schilling‘s rant here really but I think it deserves to be said twice.

The Wii really isn’t that bad. It has some cracking games to offer. Yes this is coming from someone who readily admits that she doesn’t spend enough time with her Wii but that’s not through any fault of the system. In fact most of it is down to the fact that the Wii is currently residing in a communal room and that I’ve been swamped with review copies of late so not had much time for ‘fun’ gaming.

The Wii is damn fun and you know the main two reasons it’s missed out a bit this time round? Actually there’s three.

1) No achievements or trophies which don’t bother me these days but they did once upon a time. They certainly seem to work on a hell of a lot of people though.

2) Graphics aren’t as strong as they could be. The average consumer is that shallow.

3) ‘Bad’ marketing for the so-called hardcore gamer. They end up thinking it’s a system for kids and mocking it without giving it a shot. Admittedly some of this is because of the tremendous amount of shovelware bunged on the system which is rather shocking! Even worse a lot of the shovelware makes ridiculously gimmicky use of the Wiimote making it an easy target. But look past all that and it’s got some great games. The PS2 had a hell of a lot of shovelware but it also had some stunning games too.

I mean seriously, look at the games on offer:

Super Mario Galaxy 1, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Resident Evil 4, Okami, New Super Mario Bros, Little King’s Story, Monster Hunter Tri, LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias, Boom Blox, Punch-Out, No More Heroes 1 and 2, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Super Paper Mario, Bit.Trip Runner, Dead Space Extraction, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Mario Kart Wii, A Boy and His Blob.

That’s not even a comprehensive list by me as I’m no doubt missing out some great Wiiware games too, ooh wait Max & His Magic Marker too! It also excludes the likes of Super Mario Galaxy 2 that’s on the way (that I’m dearly hoping to be reviewing soon).

Now I’m no expert on the Wii. I’m really not. But I can’t stand people whining about how it’s a waste of a console or how it’s just a ‘kiddie’ console. Not when they’re clearly too shallow to realise what games are available for the system. Yes it’s a big, big change having the Wiimote. I’m suspicious of it too. I’m lazy you see. But when games like Dead Space Extraction and Resident Evil 4 use it so well. Well, I’m willing to forgive it. Plus the likes of Super Mario Galaxy and Little King’s Story ably demonstrate how you don’t have to leap across the room to do things anyway.

Simply put, give the Wii a chance. You might well be surprised at just how much fun it is. I know I’d never get rid of mine.