Blog a Day 143of365: Oh look, it’s sunny

There’s something rather uplifting about sunny weather. Admittedly I’m terrible in hot weather. My body just doesn’t like heat I think, not helped by having very pale skin. Always been like it, even as a child.

As an example: last night I was at work for the evening. I forgot to take a drink with me, I also forgot to take any money with me. After about 3 hours I realised that I felt terribly lightheaded and moving quickly made the room spin. Oops. Fortunately a workmate lent me the money for a bottle of water otherwise I’m not convinced I’d have lasted the full shift! Anyway…

My ideal temperature is about 18 centigrade. Anything more and it gets a bit warm for my liking. Currently it’s about 24 centigrade I think. Not nice for me at all! I didn’t go out until 6ish to avoid the heat and it was still too warm for me. D’oh! Nice walk along the seafront at least.

But there’s no denying that the summer can’t help but boost your spirits a bit.

It’s a mixture of things that does it.

Childhood memories of happy summers flooding back.
The smell of freshly cut grass (oh what a cliché but true!).
That little inexplicable feeling of hope that things will be better for a while.
Being able to walk along the seafront, or the Gower, or around forests or…damn I’m lucky I live near some scenic places.
The general public being a little bit happier than usual (that’ll change for the worst when it gets hotter though)
Home made quiche
An excuse to eat ice cream and ice lollies
A good friend returning to Britain in July
Oh and the matter of this football tournament thing starting very soon which brings back tons of happy memories!

Odds are that give it a week (assuming it lasts that long) I’ll be sick to death of the heat and the sleepless nights because I’m too hot. For now though, I like it. Even better, unlike last summer, this summer I can walk unaided! Oh bugger, hope I’ve not jinxed myself!

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 143of365: Oh look, it’s sunny

  1. Rachel

    Fortunately I think we only have a few days before it plummets way back down again, so no time to get sick of it!

    Totally, agree though: I’d guess around 18-22 are my ideal summery comfort zone. Still nice to have a bit of sunshine for a few days!

  2. Pete Davison

    Oh hey! I wrote my post today without seeing you’d done this one 🙂 Summer is great and summer sucks at the same time. On balance, I think it’s good, on the whole. But I can live without being a sweaty, revolting thing. MMM NICE.

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