Blog a Day 141of365: The New Game Smell

The smell of a new game is a thing of wonder if you ask me.

This might sound like insanity to someone who doesn’t play games but fortunately I think everyone that reads this does!

It smells brilliant though. For some reason new promo games don’t smell the same, maybe it’s the lack of manual that does it, or the fact that you haven’t paid for it. New, shiny retail copies are wondrous though. A lot of it is the anticipation and rarity I think.

I’m forever broke as has probably been noticed. The fate of a wannabe writer who only works part time in a recession afflicted retail store. My last release day game was admittedly Final Fantasy XIII but that was a very nice gift. Before that I can’t remember the last brand new title I bought, especially not on release day!

Red Dead Redemption was a last minute decision. I got caught up in the hype really. A workmate was raving about it on Sunday night and encouraging me to get it. Then the reviews appeared and looked very positive. So Wednesday I popped into work and put a pre-order down. Lucky really as it had sold out at work by lunchtime today so I wouldn’t have got my copy otherwise!

It was nice to have a shiny, untainted, brand new copy. Lovely novelty. Even better considering it came with a map and a vaguely interesting manual.

It was just what I needed. I’ve since spent about 4hrs today playing the game. It was made all the better as I got to share my excitement with the aforementioned workmate who was also playing at the same time so we chatted about it over Xbox Live (bonus point for the 360 there!). Simply put, it’s bloody good fun and I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. I’m really looking forward to joining together with some friends and forming a posse. Even better I don’t have to play it and analyse it like review games. I can just enjoy it for what it is!

It’s rejuvenated me a fair bit. I’ve been tired all week with a niggling virus and plenty of work to do. I’ve been sensible about it and next week cut back a bit (at least so far) so that I don’t feel burnt out. The weekend will be spent mostly relaxing besides the 6hr shift at work tomorrow night.

So yes, another dull entry from me this week. I apologise. I’m just worn out! I’ll up my game next week honest. The ideas are there, the enthusiasm is lacking.

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