Writing for myself is the name of the game with this OneADay thing but what happens when actually I’m tired and can’t think of a single thing to write? Er this I guess. I ramble on for a few hundred words till I decide that’ll do, mentally beat myself up over the fact I’m not writing particularly witty or intelligent pieces, then wander off to lose my mind to Football Manager 2010.

Oh and now Vicky Cristina Barcelona has inexplicably found itself playing on the PS3, how did that happen? I guess everyone deserves a lazy evening once in a while.

On a vaguely useful note and while taking advantage of the fact that people are actually reading my blog at the moment: anyone know of some decent books, links, games, anything to do with embedding education within games. And when I say that, I mean mainly mainstream games rather than the purely educational ones on the market as that would be far too easy. This concept may be twisted slightly though once I conduct some more research.

It’s something that I really must get on with as it constitutes the final part of my Msc and for various reasons (mostly good reasons to be fair) it’s been delayed too often. This means I’m essentially having to start from scratch again. Oh and try to track down my dissertation tutor who never replies to emails, and who I can’t easily visit because I’m now 200 miles away from my University.
But you guys can’t help on the tracking down side of things. Anything else though, please do!

I apologise for the vagueness of the request, I’m still formulating a few things to do with it all and collecting up information and books on the subject.

Blog a Day 13of365: Waffle and a Request