Blog a Day 139of365: Search Terms

Borrowing a rather interesting idea from Rhiarti, I’ve delved through the search terms that people have used to find my site. There’s quite a pattern formulating so I’ve cheated and used April and May’s searches to make it more interesting.

Fallout 3…
Fallout 3 things seem to be a popular way of finding my site, whether it be googling ‘limited edition’, ‘figure’, ‘posters’ or ‘hardest part in t-‘. I don’t really recall mentioning Fallout 3 a huge deal in this blog as I don’t really rate it quite as hugely as the majority, but oh well. I suspect this is more to do with the fact that if you Google Image Search Fallout 3 figure, Fallout 3 Limited Edition or Fallout 3 Special Edition, I come up very early on. This also explains why I’m getting hotlinked all over the place. Really must get round to blocking people from doing so as it is starting to make a dent in my bandwidth!

Well it makes sense really what with the site name. Glad to see people have looked for a site with such an odd name though!

Broken foot blog
Yes I do provide such services. Hopefully my few entries on my broken foot have been insightful, as well as not too depressing for those in a similar situation. I was very unlucky that it dragged on for so long. Hopefully most others don’t dare as badly! Considering one other search term was Broken ankle hot and achey eight weeks on, well yes it is going to be. You’ve broken it. Breaks don’t heal that easily I’m afraid! Rest up, you’ll get there eventually.

Gam es not blocke-
Pardon? I don’t know what this means but 2 people found my site through looking for this!

Escapism in gaming
I hope the two people who found this site through looking for that enjoyed my discussion. I really enjoy writing about escaping through gaming, it’ll no doubt appear again too.

Aion account hacked
Yup, been there, done that. Still can’t figure out how it happened as I was virus and keylogger free and very, very careful with my details. Fortunately I had the right contacts and it was dealt with quickly.

All sega genesis games
Oh if only I had all the Genesis/Megadrive games available! That would be brilliant.

Console Nostalgia
Much like escaping through gaming, I adore writing about old systems and games. I’m clearly someone who prefers the past to the present. Probably not a good thing admittedly!

Erm, ok then. I don’t know what a wont copter is. I like the sound of it though.

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