Blog a Day 138of365: All Filler and no Killer

Since Sunday I’ve felt a bit under par. Nothing major but lethargy, switching between hot and cold far too often, few aches, no appetite, stomach dodginess and general feeling a bit crap. It seems to have affected my sleep patterns too as I’ve slept appallingly the past two nights now with last night the worst in a long time.

I think it’s probably time to accept that I’m ill. I’m not very good at accepting it, I like to keep going. That’s not some ‘Oh look at me struggling on and infecting everyone else’ nonsense. If it’s a ‘proper’ virus that knocks me over like a cold, I back down easily. It’s just that things like this which aren’t as apparent on the outside as they could be, I like to keep going.
Stubbornness and stupidity is a good way to sum it up I think!

I know that when you’re ill the best bet is to settle into it and accept it. It’s what I tell everyone else but as always it’s so much easier to give advice than take it.

I suspect I just need to learn to relax again, not just when ill. I’ve got myself into a bit of a rut I think and need to take stock of things. Obviously I won’t be giving this serious thought until I can trust my brain to be properly working.

For now I’m going to settle into being ill and attempt to relax! Almost tempted to see Sherlock Holmes again but I think I’ll have the script memorised at this rate!

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 138of365: All Filler and no Killer

  1. Chris Coates

    Don’t worry about having the Sherlock Holmes script memorised. I have most of Lord of the Rings memorised =/

  2. Rachel

    Sounds like a definite bug going round, though how we both ended up with it I don’t know! You just described absolutely word for word how I’ve been the last few days, though.

    For what it’s worth I think I’m a day – two at most – ahead of you and today I’m feeling improved enough that, with the aid of Beechams, I’m kind of sluggish but definitely functional and managed a perfectly respectable workout without feeling crappy afterwards, so hopefully you’ll start to feel better soon too.

    Funnily enough, where I’m normally rational enough to recognise when I have a cold or something and need to take a day or two off, I’ve been hugely stubborn with this one too! Giving myself this afternoon. What’s left of it. Well, after I’ve tidied up, done the dishes, had a quick look at a solution I devised for a sewing project I wasn’t happy with…


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