Blog a Day 137of365: Headless Chicken

There needed to be at least three of me today. One fully functional me would have been a start but that wasn’t to be either as I slept appallingly last night. Considering I’ve been boiling hot all day and no one else has been, I’m guessing I’m not quite 100% either!

This meant that things weren’t done as efficiently as usual. Worst of all I had lots to do in the first place. Should only be a couple of busy days but they just happen to fall now. Typical.

So this is filler material to appease my conscience and ensure I keep OneADaying because no way is one busy day going to stop me doing so! I’m watching Sherlock Holmes at the moment so I’d much rather be staring at lovely Mr Downey Jr.

For regular readers, remember my Internet Rage post? The game I was discussing was Heroes of Newerth. Turns out the community are none too friendly when it comes to review comments either! Oh well.

Anyway that’s it for one night. Apologies for the cheat entry, I’m tired, I’ve got other things that urgently need writing and Robert Downey Jr’s on the TV. If that’s not a good enough excuse to be lazy, I don’t know what is!

1 thought on “Blog a Day 137of365: Headless Chicken

  1. Rachel

    Seriously, those last two sentences would’ve technically constituted a paragraph and I defy anyone not to understand why “Robert Downey Jr’s on the TV” would take priority!

    Hope you get to relax and unwind a bit now. Oddly I slept like shit last night, spent the morning burning up, the afternoon visibly shivering I was so cold, and would very much have liked at least two more of me to go round today!

    Here’s hoping we both sleep better tonight and feel better tomorrow! Huge hugs!

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