Bizarre. A busy week but not much to show for it just yet. Only three things to advertise this week as the scarily numerous other pieces haven’t gone up yet.

First up was my Considered Gamer column for GamePeople, this time featuring my experiences with Prison Break: The Conspiracy. Less said the better really.

Prison Break: The Conspiracy had so much to draw upon to concern and thrill the sensitive player. But the more I considered things here the less I found. The constricted and lawlessness of prison life that both unsettled and intrigued me simply wasn’t recreated here.

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Next up was 3D Dot Game Heroes for VideogameUK. Really quite enjoyed this despite its flaws. Well worth a look for Zelda fans, especially at a budget price.

Once upon a time I played a game on the Commodore 64 called The Great Giana Sisters. It was Super Mario Bros with another name really and it was withdrawn from sale due to some legal pressure courtesy of Nintendo. It seems that times change though as here we are with 3D Dot Game Heroes, the most blatant homage to the original Legend of Zelda games that I’ve ever seen. Fortunately there’s no sign of another lawsuit on the way, which is good news, as 3D Dot Game Heroes is as much fun as the original Zeldas were back in the day. It’s also at times as infuriating and dated too.

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Then there was Flips: Mr Gum, a game that probably won’t appeal unless you’ve got kids. Good concept though.

You probably haven’t heard of Mr Gum but your kids, nieces/nephews and cousins will have. The Mr Gum series of books are aimed at younger readers, namely the 8-10 age group. They’re a fun series of books about the grumpy Mr Gum and his town of Lamonic Bibber. Each story offers plenty of jokes and laughs to keep kids entertained. They’re the sort of thing that I’d have loved as a kid who was obsessed with the Ha Ha Bonk joke book. Mr Gum is also the star of one of the latest Flips interactive books and deservedly so.

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Next week promises reviews of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Alan Wake, Nier, a retrospective of Lords of Midnight and a few other bits and pieces 🙂

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