Blog a Day 133of365: Internet Rage

Isn’t the internet, online gaming in particular, terribly angry?

This ties in quite neatly with Pete Davison‘s fantastic blog about the internet but coincidentally I was planning this entry before I read his.

This is because of a game I played this afternoon. I won’t name it yet (although some Twitter followers will know what I’m talking about) as I’m writing the review for it in the next few days and I do need to play more of it to have a definitive view of it. Nonetheless, it wound me up. Not the game itself. The game, although very complex, has some entertaining ideas to offer and would probably be fun. Probably that is if it wasn’t for the terrible community. You see it’s an online only game and the community is terribly elitist.

The game only offers a very basic tutorial before it throws you at the mercy of the online community. So I figured I’d stick to the beginners lobby. The problem is it turns out the supposed newbies aren’t really newbies. No, these were people who spent much of their time insulting me and berating my lack of skill. Even after pointing out that this is my first game. I carried on because I had to really and I’m not one for backing down to bullies. It wasn’t really fun though, most of all because of this terribly elitist bunch of players who seemed to think that just because I hadn’t put in hundreds of hours previously, I was worth less than the dirt on their virtual shoe.

To be fair to them in the final minutes of the game, a couple of the players must have had a crisis of conscience and offered me some advice but bearing in mind this was the last five minutes or so of a 40 minute game, it felt distinctly like an afterthought.

It made me think of past experiences with online games and I quickly realised that there’s a hell of a lot of ****s on the internet. I played Counterstrike for a number of years as well as EverQuest, believe me I’ve encountered plenty of immature players who get ridiculously angry over the smallest of mistakes. It makes you wonder what those people are really like. I reckon some of them are the stereotypical gaming nerd who live in their parents’ basement with not much else going on in their life. However I think (pure speculation on my part) that a lot of them are probably perfectly normal people who just go a bit mental in a game. Strange business. Maybe that’s why I’m rather anti social when I play World of Warcraft now, I stick with people I know and that’s it.

Of course thanks to my earlier experience, I’m not exactly looking forward to spending most of my day tomorrow with the unnamed game.

7 thoughts on “Blog a Day 133of365: Internet Rage

  1. Rachel

    My theory is this… the more aggressive the player, the more aware they are there’s actually nothing manly or heroic about playing a computer game, and the more likely it is they’re also over-compensating for having a majorly sucky reality.

    Which isn’t much help when faced with abusive fuckwads, but at least some small measure of satisfaction can be gained from knowing they basically fail at life!

    Besides, unpleasant as it may be to encounter, surely the type of gamers you’ll be playing alongside should make up at least a part of an MMO review? I don’t care how fantastic a game is if 99% of the players I encouter are dicks…

    Well, apart from Warcraft, obviously. Which is why I’m always trying to get all my friends on the same server/side!

    It can be horribly stressful dealing with people like that though. Hope you managed a relaxing evening to compensate!

  2. Pete Davison

    Oh, people like that wind me up so much. There’s no need for it. Games should be fun. Games where you co-operate with other people should be fun together. Even something like raiding in Warcraft, which requires immaculate organisation and players to know what they’re doing, should still be fun when all’s said and done – otherwise you may as well be doing some work.

    I’ve been fortunate in that my fairly picky choice of people I actually talk to regularly in online games are all lovely people. I’ve done a couple of (easy) raids in Warcraft and it was great fun, because no-one was taking it too seriously, we were all in it for the fun of the experience. And you know what? It was awesome. Taking down Kael’Thas Sunstrider with twenty-four other people was spectacular. I’ve never had a boss battle like that in any other game, ever.

    Rhiarti’s right; a big part of an MMO (or online-only) game’s review should be about the community. It’s a consideration we didn’t used to have. There’s no sense recommending a game if the other players are dicks – unless you’re the sort of person who actually enjoys playing with dicks… that came out wrong. But you know what I mean. Some people enjoy playing with douchebags, either because they’re one themselves, or because they enjoy feeling superior. Or because they feel like they’re educating them. Or… the list goes on.

    Me? I prefer to play with friends, and preferably friends who know how to punctuate and spell properly, and friends who never ever use the word “lol” unless they absolutely have to. 🙂

  3. Anthony

    I think I know exactly the game you mean because I’m in a very similar situation with a game that sounds awfully familiar. Pointing out to the players doing the insulting that the server was labelled ‘noob server’ doesn’t seem to make them any happier either.

    The delightful community are very helpful in the way that the majority of the time they will just yell at you for doing it wrong without actually pointing out your short comings. These aren’t isolated incidents, this happens in every match I’ve played so far.

    I would hope to think that I would never become like the majority of the people I meet in said game, but these unpleasant folk do form the majority. Does this mean that those who have stuck with it were perhaps once decent human beings before having their souls and hearts brutally crushed in order for them to fit in and survive amongst the horde?

    Whatever game you are playing (and I’m fairly sure I know the one you mean), I hope you can bring yourself to face it another day, and who knows, maybe you’ll have the Honour of enjoying it!

  4. Haly Post author

    Interesting to hear other experiences! Especially yours Anthony as it does indeed sound like the same game.

    I’ve played quite a few matches and still yet to see a real improvement :/ Oh well.

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