Blog a Day 132of365: Childhood Welcome Party

I’m an only child and have always had quite an imagination to keep me entertained. The main ‘girly’ thing I loved as a child was cuddly toys. I didn’t care for dolls or those weird disembodied heads that you could change their hair or make up. No I loved cuddly toys. Still do actually. I have far too many and could quite easily have hundreds more.

The most treasured one is Spot the dog.

I got him when I was 1 and he was always my favourite as a child. Him and Scarfy to be exact. Scarfy being a bit of a scarf. She (yes it’s a she, don’t ask me how I know, I just do) used to be a full silk scarf but the years haven’t been kind to her so now she’s a bit of scarf. A very tatty scarf too. She’s still Spot’s companion though. Honest. My Dad used to revel in throwing in a bit of Macbeth every now and then: ‘Out damn Spot!’ and all that.

Anyway these two along with Big Ted (a teddy bear I’ve had from birth) would be the welcoming party for new cuddly toys when I was a kid. In the world under my quilt cover they’d be there telling new random cuddly dog or random cuddly cat the rules for the quilt underworld (probably just be nice and all that, I don’t remember) and introducing them to all the others so that they knew each other by name. On the rare occasion that I was given a Disney cuddly toy (big event for me!) they’d also be told to not be so snobby and accept that everyone was equal. Yup even as a child I was all about equality, go me! 😉

They used to go on adventures in my room from time to time too. I guess they were recon missions just to check what was going on. Plus on the lucky days Spot or some other lucky (usually new) member would be taken on a trip out with me in their own little backpack so that they were safe. Spot was always the most important one, although Scarfy often had to stay at home due to being a little small and vulnerable for such excursions. On long trips away from home my Mum would store Scarfy in her purse so that she was safe.

So yeah I was a weird child. But a happy one 🙂

1 thought on “Blog a Day 132of365: Childhood Welcome Party

  1. Rachel

    I once wandered for an entire afternoon across Dartmoor solemnly wearing my “pet moss” on my head. Scarfy sounds perfectly sane to me!

    …in my head that sounded more reassuring. *grins*

    Like you, I had no interest in dolls when I was little. It was all about the cuddly toys. Well, cuddly toys and combat men (like mini versions of Action Man), but let’s face it, they were always off out doing dangerous things and breaking legs. You couldn’t rely on them like you can a cuddly toy.

    I’m going to stop talking now…

    Lovely post!

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