Blog a Day 131of365: Good/Bad Day

Alan Wake and my bargain copy of Call of Duty 4 arrived…Good.

I felt ridiculously lethargic and couldn’t get enthused about anything all morning…Bad.

I went to Nando’s and had a whole chicken for free thanks to some excellent customer service and a voucher…Good.

The food went all too quickly…Bad.

Went into work and my boss was friendly to me…Good.

I rented St Trinian’s 2…Bad.

I came home to some positive comments about a recent review of mine…Good.

My Mum found out that an online friend of her’s husband dropped dead of a massive heart attack last night…Bad.

A friend of mine had some great job related news…Good.

Gordon Brown resigned as PM…Bad.

David Cameron became Prime Minister….Oh Fuck.

And the day was going so well until we got home! The non-sensationalist part of my brain is strangely thinking ‘It might not be so bad’ but well, it is. That’s just excessive optimism on my part to think anything different really. Living in an area that never quite got over what the previous Conservative government did means it’s going to struggle even more. Great. 🙁