Blog a Day 130of365: Food Ramble

I love food despite being a rather picky eater.

It’s admittedly meat that I’m picky about. Anything else I’m fine to eat. I don’t eat red meat. No dramatic reasoning behind it: pork really disagrees with me although strangely bacon and sausages are fine, don’t like the taste of beef and never had lamb but it’s never appealed. Chicken is lovely though!

But yes, food on the whole I really enjoy.

I’ve been eating terribly the past week. Mixture of being busy and being forgetful. I eat at fairly odd times too. Never used to but since it’s just been me and my Mum we’ve got into a weird routine. I’m good at remembering a bowl of cereal for breakfast as soon as I get up (this week it’s Corn Flakes, next week it’s whatever else is on special offer and not full of sugar), lunch can be any time between 2 and 5pm and dinner is usually somewhere between 9 and 10pm.

If I’m at work it’s all change though. Typically I work 5pm till 10.30pm, sometimes slightly later. This usually means I end up having breakfast then dinner an hour or two before work and that’s it. By the time I get home it feels too late for a proper meal so I end up eating whatever I find which is normally not very healthy at all.

This week though I’m hoping to eat slightly better. Or at least more regularly. Probably the latter actually. Today’s gone well: Corn Flakes, sandwich for lunch, Quorn and veggie pasta bake and random snacks (I’m terrible for snacking, fortunately I don’t have to worry!) throughout the day. Tomorrow will be slightly off because I’m using a much savoured Nandos voucher from last year that means a whole chicken and two large sides between the two of us! After that who knows for the week.

I fancy making Chilli Wednesday or Thursday as the last one was nice but nowhere near spicy enough. Saturday has been designated as Enchiladas night as I’m not at work that night. Otherwise who knows. Amazing how quickly you can get out of the habit of cooking properly isn’t it? Daft really as it’s so much cheaper and more satisfying! I must dig out some more cook books too, I’m surrounded by them but again it’s thinking of it instead of being all too complacent and sticking with what you know.