Blog a Day 12of365: Stupid Sentiment is stupid

I could have just written an emo-esque rant about what a crap day I’ve had but I realised I quite like people actually reading my OneADay blogs so I’ll leave the self pitying for another day.

Instead I’m going to rant about a daft, banal, supposedly uplifting sentiment: Live life as if today is your last day alive.

What the fuck?

Sure you can live your life with as few regrets as possible (which is a fantastic thing to aspire to) but you can’t live each day as if it’s the last one you’re going to have. Think about it. What would you really do if today was the last day you were alive for? Go to work? Nope, you’d tell your miserable boss what a twat he was and leave. Do anything vaguely mundane but essential like eat healthily for the day? Nope, you’d eat the biggest burger you could find. Besides that, you’d go see your loved ones, tell them you love them, max out a credit card and do something ridiculously exciting. Something that you really can’t do every day.

Do the people who self righteously state that they live each day as if it was your last, do these things? No. They still go to work because it pays the bills, they still eat dull food in the hope that it’ll keep them healthy, and a hell of a lot of them still end the day slobbing in front of the TV. Odds are half of them forget to tell loved ones how they really feel too.

If people actually lived by said sentiment, the world would be in anarchy. No one would ever turn up for work and we’d all be doing ridiculous things every day. Sure it’d be great fun for a while and I’m certainly not one to demand every one sticks to the mundane 9-5 slog, but just how many days of calling relatives to tell them you love them would it take till you decide you’ve had enough?

I’m all for living your life with as few regrets as possible. That’s a great sentiment and one that people really should adhere to. I’ve certainly had more than enough events in my life that has made me realise just how true it is. But ‘Live life as if today is your last’? Sod off. You don’t really mean it, you just want to appear smug and morally superior.

And breathe. Calmer service will be resumed tomorrow.