Blog a Day 127of365: Post Election and a Rant

My brain’s all over the place tonight. Mostly because I went to bed at nearly 6am and got up at middayish. So in honour of my unhinged brain I’m being lazy and putting headings for everything I want to write about!

The Election

So yes there was the election. That’s why I stayed up so late. I was aiming to stay awake until a winner was declared but what with the hung parliament and all that wouldn’t be a sensible idea. The rate things are going I’d have to stay awake all weekend! The election didn’t really go the way that I hoped. I voted for Lib Dem you see. I live in a strong Labour seat. Rather worryingly despite living in South Wales (historically a very safe Labour area what with the Conservatives destroying the area last time round), the Labour MP only got in with a slim majority. Oh dear. My Lib Dem vote was pretty pointless but I expected that really. Still, I stood by my convictions.

Anyway, enough of that. I’ve done my ranting on Twitter and many other #oneadayers have done a better job of discussing it.

Sexism in Gaming
Brad Gallaway‘s latest blog entry reminded me of something. When I was in Gamestation yesterday I was accosted a couple of times by rather dim members of staff asking me if I needed help. I wouldn’t be so bothered but for three things:
1) I like going there because I don’t get pestered unlike in my local GAME. I know the manager there and he’s a good, friendly bloke. Because I know him I don’t tend to get pestered because as soon as I go in, he shouts hello and the other staff leave me to it.

2) I appreciate sales targets and all that but they kept pestering me. First of all it went:
Sales drone: ‘Do you need any help with anything?’
Me: ‘No thanks. I’m just looking’
Sales drone (with a tone of salesman/irritating speak and general insistence): ‘Anything in particular you’re looking for?’
Me (slightly grumpier): ‘No thanks, I’m just looking’
Sales drone: ‘OK well if you need anything else I’ll be just here’
(stands annoyingly nearby watching everything I do for the next few minutes before he gets bored)

Not long after that one left, another one appeared to ask if I needed any help. He didn’t really get looked at by me because I’d clocked him coming a mile off. I just said no less politely than before and he went.

3) The most annoying thing of them all. Neither of the sales drones pestered the bloke standing nearby also looking around the store. He was left entirely alone to look around. Now maybe I’m paranoid but it felt to me as if it was because of my gender, which is ridiculous. From experience though similar things have happened in GAME and I’m sure it’s not just me.

It’s bloody annoying whatever the reason. I’m generally quite accepting of the sales target woes what with my job and my previous jobs. But there’s no need to be pestered to that extent. It’s off putting and if that had been my sole experience of Gamestation I wouldn’t be returning to that store any time soon!

I suspect they’re new as I haven’t seen them before and the manager didn’t seem overly friendly with them (and he’s usually very friendly with the other staff that I know there). If they keep doing this I’m tempted to have a word with the manager. Not a serious word, that’s mean, just a jokey comment on the hard selling, judgemental staff. Erm but friendlier sounding than that!

Ooh that was a much longer rant than I intended. I need sleep soon as I’ve got a wedding to go to tomorrow so that’ll do for one night I think.