Blog a Day 126of365: Election Night

Hurrah it’s election night.


Well I’m interested! Stupidly interested actually and rather excited about it too. Daft really as I’m probably going to be hugely disappointed what with being quite a staunch Liberal Democrat supporter and rather anti Tory.

In fact according to the exit polls I’m going to be really fed up! Still, I’m obviously an eternal optimist as I’m fascinated and now I’m hoping for a hung parliament. Mostly because a) it’s rather different and b) it means the Conservatives didn’t win ‘properly’.

Me and my Mum have treated it like a big sporting event. We bought a stuffed crust veggie pizza from Asda, Phish Food Ben & Jerry ice cream, some potato wedges and a few other random crisp related things. All with the intention of staying awake for as long as humanly possible, or at least until a winner has been declared.

Who knows if we’ll manage it. Good luck to my Mum as she has to go out to her part time college course at 9.15am tomorrow morning! At least I have absolutely nothing planned until a Wedding on Saturday.

I’ve got a terrible attention span so my PSP is on charge ready to keep me multi tasking later into the night.

Should be a very interesting night!

1 thought on “Blog a Day 126of365: Election Night

  1. Rachel

    I have to be up early for work… also didn’t get much sleep the last two nights, so I fear bed is calling! Probably just as well: early indications are I’m going to be very upset at the results. We can but pray!

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