Blog a Day 124of365: Iron Man 2

I saw Iron Man 2 this evening. I was rather excited about this.

I’m quite a Marvel fan. When I was a kid I used to avidly watch the Marvel Action Hour every Saturday. It was followed by the X-Men so I had a solid grounding in Marvel comics. I didn’t actually get a chance to read many but I loved the cartoons so much. I was the nerdy kid that desperately wanted to be a superhero.

As I grew up the love remained and the films appeared. I enjoyed the X-Men films even though in places they really didn’t feel very faithful to what I remembered (I may be wrong, it was a while ago!). The Fantastic Four was ok but I remember enjoying the cartoons much more.

I was never much of an Iron Man fan when it came to the cartoon. All I remember of it is Iron Man being a bit too serious for my liking. Having said that when I heard an Iron Man film was being made, I was quite excited. Another Marvel film, hurrah! I was a bit unsure of Robert Downey Jr being given the role though. I couldn’t really imagine him as an action hero. I was very wrong as I can’t imagine anyone else playing the role of Tony Stark now.

I saw Iron Man shortly after its release in 2008. It wasn’t long after my Dad’s death. My Mum and I were using the cinema as escapism and going weekly (actually we still do). It was brilliant escapism and a film I’m very fond of.

I’ve been suitably excited for the second one since I first saw the trailer at Christmas (when I saw Sherlock Holmes, also brilliant) and I wasn’t disappointed today.

It’s probably not an overly clever film, nor a classic, but I loved it. It was the sort of film that I’d be happy to see again any time soon. It no doubt helps that a) I’m a closet comic book nerd and b) I could quite happily watch anything with Robert Downey Jr. As a kid I wanted to be a super hero and now I want to be with said hero. It works well.

It’s an excellent feeling to come out of the cinema on a high and continue to feel that good until, well, at least 4 hours after leaving.

Roll on Iron Man 3 🙂

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  1. Rachel

    Aww could just pick you up and hug you! What a gorgeous post. So glad you enjoyed the film!

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