Blog a Day 122of365: B4HD is go, go, go!

Last night B4HD launched. The site I’ve been talking about off and on here for a few weeks.

I feel a bit of a wimp as admittedly I haven’t been about much the past few days to help out Dan with various things to do with the launch. It’s fantastic to see it up though 🙂

Currently there are four articles up on the site with more to come daily. It’s a great mix to start with. There’s an article on Bobby Foster’s experiences with Shenmue, Simon Holmes looks at The Chaos Engine, Peter Willington summarises five fighters you’ve probably not played and I revisit Warioland.

There’s some pretty exciting content on the way so make sure you keep an eye on the site 🙂 I love looking back at old games, even the crap ones, so it’s great to have an excuse to play and write about them!

Afraid that’s it for today’s entry. I’ve had a busy day of oversleeping, clothes shopping for a wedding next weekend (and I hate clothes shopping!) and cooking. Now I’m off to work as I’ve taken on an extra shift. Hurrah for money!

As you’ve got an extra 30 seconds-5 minutes spare as I’ve hardly written anything, why not check out B4HD? You know you want to 🙂