Blog a Day 119of365: Post Night Out

So last night I went out on the aforementioned work do. As you may have noticed I said that ‘I doubt I’ll drink much’, yeah that didn’t work out.

I started out quite well. My first drink was a coke, sticking by the ‘Oh no I don’t want to drink too much tonight’ thing. When we got to the restaurant I thought I’d have my sole alcoholic drink for the night: Vodka and coke. When it arrived it was quite clearly more vodka than anything. Tasted very nice though.

Then there was the wine that was produced for the table which turned out to be 4 bottles of wine as it was free after all. We’d been given a budget so it was rude not to match it after all! That’s 4 bottles of wine between 7 of us as two people weren’t drinking.

The first glass of wine I pretty much had to drink. After all my boss had poured it for me. It was a large glass, tasty though. The second glass of wine was poured by my very enthusiastic assistant manager who was sitting next to me and I think just wanted to see what I was like drunk. So again it was a large glass, probably bringing my wine total up to half a bottle…

So yeah much of the meal the room was ever so slightly ‘off’. Not spinning but it was still not quite right. Brilliant laugh though.

I actually got on really well with my boss which was a revelation as despite working there for nearly 18 months I don’t really know him. Plus as expected I had a great laugh with everyone else who are a great bunch to work with.

After the meal a few people went onto a local pub. I did briefly but then went home as I’d realised I’d well and truly reached my limit. Do sort of wish I’d stayed but there were drinking games afoot and my liver really isn’t used to drinking again yet! Hopefully there’ll be future nights out.

Amazingly I woke up with no hangover. Drinking plenty of water when I got home worked obviously. I did wake up at nearly midday though and I’ve been pretty worn out ever since. This has meant mostly everything has been delayed today and I think my brain still thinks it’s about 8pm rather than nearly 11pm.

Yes I’m rather a lightweight. I don’t drink often but it was fun last night. It’s kept me in quite a good, albeit tired, mood today. Good to have such a nice bunch of workmates 🙂

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