Blog a Day 118of365: A Night Out

I’m off out tonight for once. I’m going out on a work night out. Most importantly there’s free food involved making everyone that bit more enthusiastic about attending.

It’s probably not a big deal to many but I’m the sad one who doesn’t seem to go out in the evening anywhere near as much as the rest of the population. I haven’t even had an alcoholic drink since July! Admittedly I’m not a big drinker, I’ll drink if the occasion calls for it, i.e. everyone else is and it feels sociable to do so but it’s not a big deal for me. Never has been really.

I would have probably had a drink or two for my birthday but as my foot was still a mess I didn’t. I had a very low key birthday instead. A similar tale at Christmas as painkillers and drink doesn’t really mix!

Tonight I doubt I’ll drink much but it’ll be nice to go out for a while and hopefully eat some good (and crucially, free) food.

My workmates are a good crowd to go out with but we never get a chance to do it enough. What with working in a shop that’s open 7 days a week until 10pm and the fact that half of my workmates have kids, it’s all awkward to plan.

I figured it’d be best to post now just in case it turns into a late one, or I do drink more than I plan, or I simply forget because I’m knackered. That’d be a bit crap really.

I’ve also just realised I’ve got 3 hours until I go out and quite a pile of things to do. D’oh. I’m too used to thinking of my day of writing ending about 8pm, bugger!