Blog a Day 117of365: The films I enjoy

So I don’t talk about films enough here despite being a rather avid fan. As I’m stumped for ideas this seems like a good time to throw some film names at you and ramble about them for a bit. These are all films I enjoy, all films that happened to be nearby while I was pondering, they’re not strictly my favourite films of all time though.

Basically I’m crap at listing Top 10s and would hate to narrow it down to so few. I doubt I’m worthy of doing that yet anyhow considering the amount of classics I’ve yet to see! This list seems rather biased towards ‘newer’ films, not too sure how that happened. Considering I’m in a house full of films from the 1920s (my Dad’s collection) I should really get the nerve to watch some of them. Seems wrong to though as they’re his…Anyway, on with the rambley list.

American Beauty
Ooh what a predictable start. It’s brilliant though and it happened to be in the disorganised pile near me for some random reason. I find it incredibly sad though so I probably won’t see it again any time soon. Kevin Spacey is at his best here I think which is saying something considering his many other fantastic performances. Annette Bening is also fantastic although I think she does get a little forgotten about when people reminisce about the performances here. Oh and it’s also a Media student’s idea of heaven in terms of room for analysis.

Arsenic and Old Lace
I’m not generally a fan of farce but this is excellent fun. Perfect film to watch on a Sunday afternoon. Cary Grant is terrific and wonderfully charming too. It’s a mad cap story but it flys by. As a kid I used to watch it over and over again so I practically know the script now.

Casino Royale
Casino Royale is fantastic. I’ll put my fingers in my ears and loudly say ‘lalala’ if you say otherwise. Having said that I’m not much of a Bond fan so maybe that’s why I loved it so much. I liked Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies, hated the other Brosnan films. Casino Royale I had high expectations after hearing great things about Daniel Craig. I went to see it with my parents, just after it came out and the cinema was packed. It was a fantastic atmosphere because the entire audience were silent and enthralled in the film. At one point a woman gasped when something slightly shocking happened, it added to the group experience so well. The only crap thing is the end: it’s silly and makes me want to slap someone in the film but I won’t say who on the off chance someone reading this hasn’t seen it. Oh and I’ll quite happily drool at Daniel Craig! 😉 Such a shame Quantum of Solace was a bit rubbish and the latest one is on hold.

The Dark Knight
It’s Heath Ledger that made The Dark Knight so memorable. Such a terrible waste that he’s no longer with us. He oozed screen presence in other films too. As the Joker though he was terrifying. That thing with the pencil? Eeesh. Really haunting portrayal I thought. Christian Bale does a decent job too although it’s a shame his Batman voice is a bit laughable until you get used to it. I’ll be interested to see what the next Batman film is like but I doubt it’ll be as good as The Dark Knight.

Die Hard
Ahh Die Hard. How can you not like it? Bruce Willis is unstoppable yet charming. Anything can be done to him and he’ll still keep going. Walk across glass? Yeah no problem for John McClane. Alan Rickman hams it up perfectly as Hans Gruber too. The following Die Hard films are all still decent in their own way but nothing can compare to the original.

The Hangover
It’s a film that’s been overhyped but I really enjoy The Hangover. It’s the sort of film I watch when I’m feeling down and need cheering up. It was a real surprise when I first saw it at the cinema before all the hype kicked off. Some great twists and turns there. Even better on the Blu-ray extended edition as the extras help explain a few bits and pieces. Oh and *shallowness incoming* Bradley Cooper….works for me.

Moulin Rouge
I don’t generally like musicals but this is one of three musicals that I adore. It’s ridiculously sad but also oh so very lovely. The songs are perfectly placed, Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman can actually sing and it’s a great story. It will make you cry though, it’s guaranteed.

The Prestige
A film I only got round to seeing very recently. Great story, great performances by both Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale (yes he really can act, also see American Psycho and The Machinist), the sort of film that you’ll want to see a second time straight after seeing it. Really must see it on Blu-ray soon as it’s meant to look great.

Shaun of the Dead
Another film that I tend to see when I need cheering up. Odd I know! Simon Pegg is one of my favourite actors/writers. Particularly love Spaced but we’re talking films tonight. I love zombies, I love romantic comedies, perfect combination for me really!

Singing in the Rain
A family favourite and another one that I watched countless times as a child. Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds are stunningly talented. As I said previously I don’t normally like musicals but only someone with no soul could dislike Singing in the Rain. Fantastic.

Phew that was a pointless ramble and a half. Even had a power cut mid way through. Luckily I didn’t lose anything!