Blog a Day 113of365: Food and Nonsense

I haven’t eaten much today. Not too sure how that happened but I know I missed lunch and I had a rather small dinner. Oops. So my mind’s on food a bit tonight.

Oh, did I mention this is a cop out entry? Yeah it is. Sorry about that. I’m tired. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. So think of this as a bit like free writing except I’m not timing myself as I’m watching 2012. I’ll just stop when I get bored and this feels sufficient.

2012 is so far not as terrible as I expected. Not very good but the visual effects are impressive so I’ll give it that. There’s something a bit scary about watching the entire world being wiped out, even just on TV. Feel free to call me a wimp.

I’ve got a good plan for the forthcoming weekend. Or at least part of it. I’ve got a weekend off work surprisingly. Not entirely sure why but I’m not complaining! Even getting holiday pay which is a rare bonus.

Tomorrow I’m going to a car boot sale to see if I can find something useful. Ideally games or books. It’ll just be nice to go for the walk really. I still see walking on the whole as a privilege rather than a right I think. After that we’re going to a local cafe the Uplands Diner for some late breakfast. That’ll probably cover breakfast and lunch actually.

In the evening I’m cooking a chicken balti. Not cooked one before so that should be interesting! As always it’ll be a feast with plenty leftover to go in the freezer. Plus there’ll be bombay potatoes, onion bahjis and peshwari naan on the side. Ooh and of course Rhiarti’s tandoori chicken which will also form part of Sunday’s lunch! The leftovers will form a sandwich I’m going to make with a garlic naan, some leftover balti sauce and tandoori chicken. Should be delicious! Told you my mind was on food.

I think I’ve run out of steam now. I’ve also forgotten to pay attention to the film. Oops. Ah well, probably only missed a little bit of the Earth collapsing.

As you all were.