As regular readers may have noticed, my willpower is rather weak when I’m stressed or unhappy. This made 2008 very expensive and it never fails to make March and April expensive. I guess it’s my way of coping and feeling in control of the situation. Also quite obviously, it cheers me up a bit.

I didn’t actually intend on spending money today. Although it’s payday tomorrow I’ve already bought more than I should have the past couple of weeks so I was planning on being sensible.

Thing is, work had an absolute bargain for sale. They had a brand new, still sealed PS2 Slimline with Buzz Hollywood and relevant buzzers for only £19.99. Throw in my discount and it worked out as £15.99. Now granted I have a PS2 but it’s my Mum’s now really. I gave it to her so it would distract her on bad days. It’s worked a treat and she’s clocked a good few hundred hours in Dragon Quest VIII. Although lately I’ve picked up a few cheap PS2 games (SSX3 for £2 and Final Fantasy X-2 for £4 notably) I haven’t really had the heart to take back the PS2. So I’ve kept half an eye on eBay prices which have all been £30-35 which seems a bit excessive for an old, last generation console.

£15.99 though was a bit too good to resist though. It’s cheered me up nicely. It’s been a thoroughly disheartening day but I couldn’t help but smile as I unpacked the shiny new console, even if it is a bit old by today’s standard. There are many PS2 games that I missed out on the first time round, I’m hoping to rediscover them thanks to so many shops getting rid of so many PS2 games cheaply now. Plus I can borrow my Mum’s copies of Grandia 2, Final Fantasy X (which I have completed before and loved) and Dragon Quest VIII. Excellent.

Now all I need is to pick up a suitably cheap memory card!

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