Blog a Day 111of365: Twitter Inspiration

My brain was severely lacking in inspiration for this OneADay so I looked to my Twitter friends for ideas. They did not disappoint!

Thanks to Kirtle, General Muppet, CntrySigns, Shoinan, ChrispyCoates and SchillingC for their great and, in some cases, deranged ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚

My initial reaction to this was the ever ridiculous but fun Badgers song. Besides listening to songs about badgers and mushrooms, I do love eating mushrooms. Never used to but they’ve grown on me (haha) and they’re brilliant for throwing in to pasta dishes, curries and lasagnes. Yummy!

Ahh the election. How I’m strangely addicted to you. Considering how much time I spend perusing the news sites for election related news, by the time it’s over I’m going to have so much free time. Probably. I’m pretty sure who I’m voting for now but I love seeing everything that comes out in the last few weeks. I will be the nerd that stays up all night just to see the results come in as they happen.

Zombies rock. Obviously assuming they’re not actually right in front of you, otherwise they’re probably quite terrifying. I love zombie films, I love games, yet for some reason I’ve never got into Dead Rising. I should return to it really and give it another shot. I blame that damn clown that kept killing me because I’m rubbish and can’t shoot the balloons fast enough.

I’m not a huge fan of peanuts. I’ll eat them but I’m not overly keen on their taste. I do however love Snoopy and all his friends.

Again, I don’t like coffee. Shame really as the caffeine would come in so much handy but I just can’t stand the taste. Plus I don’t really drink hot drinks. Love the smell though!

Facebook is quite useful at times. It’s handy to keep in touch with old friends and to keep track of people’s birthdays. I miss the days when there were no apps though. I swear every day there’s another app that I have to block because a friend’s activity on it has swamped my feed. You’ve got to admire the service’s success though! Damn I wish I’d thought of it first.

Interesting tool. Doesn’t really appeal to me though. Also priced in a way that means I have sod all chance of being able to afford one for a long time! Which is a pity as it’d probably be useful to own one at some point.

25 words on which celebrity you would most want to make breakfast for and why
I donโ€™t tend to do much for breakfast so I think it should be someone I dislike so that they go hungry. David Cameron, yes.
(would have said Nick Griffin but I figure I have to be in the same room as them, thus Cameron’s a better bet)

Film. It’s great and if it wasn’t for films I’d have no job. I saw Date Night this afternoon, it was a good laugh although obviously formulaic. Now I’m watching The Big Lebowski which is brilliant and bizarre in equal measure. Seriously, films make the world go around. As well as money and love.

Natural Disaster
So volcanic ash eh? Didn’t affect me in the slightest! I live nowhere near a major airport meaning I rarely hear planes go overhead anyway (besides very small private ones), I can’t afford to go abroad and I know of no one local who was affected. Also didn’t notice any shortages of fruit and veg round here either, probably helped by living near the countryside. Do feel sorry for those afflicted though.

Bananas are my favourite fruit. They’re tasty. Erm yeah, not sure what else to say really…..don’t eat too many. You can get potassium poisoning.

I wish you could buy luck or be given it. I could really do with some. Granted, others have worse luck but I’d still like a little bit more. Just one small piece of luck would probably do! I even own a black cat who’s forever crossing my path. Although now I can’t remember if that’s good or bad luck. Hmm maybe that’s where I’m going wrong. *eyes cat suspiciously*

Thanks Father Jack!

Distance is frequently annoying. It’d be great if we actually had teleporters a la Star Trek. I have so many friends flung across the UK and the rest of the world and it’d be great to be able to visit them cheaply and easily. I’m sure it’d be a great tool in helping people feel more positive about those elsewhere in the world. We’d all feel closer I’m sure. But as it stands, distance is all too huge. Boo.

Vegetables are great for padding out a meal cheaply, plus they’re good for you too! I’m cooking a Balti at the weekend and planning on bunging in plenty of onions and mushrooms to make it extra tasty and a bit cheaper as I can use less chicken.

Remember Gnarls Barkley and Crazy? In the summer of 2006 it seemed to be everyone’s ringtone. I was working in a mobile phone shop at the time and nearly every customer seemed to have that damned ringtone. Catchy though. It also recently featured in Kick Ass and was very appropriate for the moment I found.

I love writing. You may have noticed this at some point in the last 111 days. I particularly love the satisfaction when you get to the end and feel proud of what you’ve written. There it is. You’ve accomplished something. Even better hopefully someone appreciates what you’ve written. Brilliant.

Chris Schilling’s mental health
I’m pretty sure that Chris is quite sane. I say this, I’m not sure if I’m a good judge. I’m not entirely sure I’m sane either, so he probably isn’t either. I reckon the slightly insane people are the most interesting ones anyhow ๐Ÿ™‚

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