Blog a Day 109of365: Twitchy

It’s been a nice, lazy day today even if it wasn’t originally intended to be. I woke up feeling rather crap then as the morning went on, felt increasingly worse so I wrote the day off. I felt crap last night but just put it down to not eating much all day but it turns out it might be a little bug of some sort. Great.

Anyway, I took the day off and spent much of it playing through the missions in Final Fantasy XIII now that I’ve completed the game. Good fun and I feel slightly better than I did previously. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will kick the bug into touch. You never know, it could have just been down to not eating well on Sunday. Who knows.

I’m getting twitchy now about not doing more. Excluding my Msc work (which is slightly worryingly always left till last due to money making endeavours taking priority) I feel like I should be constantly moving forward, thinking up pitches and writing articles etc. Also the paid work seems to have dried up quite a bit since Christmas which isn’t good at all. Not entirely sure why either considering the work’s there, it’s just not going to me any more. :/
So it looks like I’d better go pimp my services shortly in the usual places and generally knuckling down more. As much as I absolutely hate myself for mentioning it, if anyone knows of anywhere looking for another freelancer, please do let me know.

On that note I’m ending this rather brief entry so I can get on with a bit of work while I’m feeling twitchy! Oh and cook some dinner, yeah better do that too.