Been a long day at the ‘day’ job so here’s the weekly roundup.

First up was my iPhone Roundup for Resolution. An eclectic mix comprising of a Match Three title, a board game, an RPG and erm extreme connect the dots. Here’s a snippet of the Connect the Dots Extreme review, the weakest game of the lot:

In a world that offers the likes of extreme ironing, it’s perhaps not the strangest thing possible that we now see Connect the Dots Extreme. It is, however, rather unfortunate that there’s nothing very extreme about this tedious iPhone version of Connect the Dots. The ever hopeful side of me was expecting some sort of danger element, or maybe some form of line-based stunt system. Instead, Connect the Dots Extreme is just a slightly faster version of the regular Connect the Dots, and just as dull.

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Much more enjoyable was Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse which, although not as great as previous Sam & Max adventures, was still an excellent experience.

Sam & Max is a franchise that never fails to put a smile on my face. It’s the combination of straight ‘man’ Sam and the psychotic rabbit Max who knows no fear that does it for me. It’s totally outlandish, but it entertains me more than any other point-and-click franchise. Having reached its third modern season, it’s good to see that the pedigree is still there – although it’s a shame that, individually, The Penal Zone feels like one of the weaker instalments of Telltale’s three seasons so far.

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Finally there was Patchwork Heroes for VideogameUK. Excellent fun and ideal for the PSP.

Remember Qix? Actually I was a little young for its original release but having played it in later years; I instantly recognised the formula when I loaded up Patchwork Heroes. Fortunately it’s an excellent formula that’s aged well making Patchwork Heroes well worth a look at a mere £6.29.

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Next week promises, amongst other things, my much delayed Final Fantasy XIII review as I’ve finally finished playing it!

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