Blog a Day 106of365: That Friday Feeling

Yup it’s Friday and no doubt many people are looking forward to the next two days off before their return to work on Monday. I shouldn’t really have it. After all, my ‘day’ job is almost always at the weekend with the week taken up with writing bits and pieces. I still get it in a strange sort of way though. I guess it’s partially because I get two days where it’s perfectly justifiable to sleep through most of the morning, plus the weekend is a good time to eat junk food guilt free.

I haven’t had a ‘proper’ weekend very often in my life due to the various jobs I’ve had. I had an office job 9 till 5 sort of thing for a few months in 2008 till life turned upside down. That made the weekends rather thrilling, always seemed to be so much I wanted to do in those 2 short days! Funnily enough I’d often spend some time in Blockbuster on the Saturday looking for a new game or DVD to play/watch. Weird looking back as now I wonder who served me all those times as I almost certainly work with them now.

Before then though I worked in retail (a rather large mobile phone shop) and worked most of the weekend as well as most of the week. Excellent job as it was commission based and I was often earning £10 an hour if not £15 an hour. Ideal if you’re a student living at home! It did make weekends a little restrictive socially though. I remember going to a local LAN in a community hall one weekend. I couldn’t get the time off work so I gamed all Friday night, woke up early Saturday morning while everyone else was drunkenly unconscious slumped over their PCs and went to work. It was a knackering day but worth it as in my 5 hour shift I made about £75 that day. Sleep deprivation obviously did me good! Within seconds of getting back to the LAN, I was encouraged to participate in a Counter-Strike tournament sponsored by Intel before I even had a chance to get changed. Impressively considering I was half asleep and not really very good at Counter-Strike at the best of times, I got through to the semi-final. I won a t-shirt, a baseball cap, a pen and some pencils. The overall winner won a motherboard and CPU; the second place won a CPU. Bit disappointing but I was pleased.

Oh yeah Friday feeling…

I did used to have the exact opposite to the usual Friday feeling. I used to work for a Lloyds TSB call centre. While the people were lovely it was hell. Oh and it was 30 miles down the road which was an annoying commute. I used to work 9hr shifts, sometimes longer. Throw in the commute and I was out for 11 hours of the day both Saturday and Sunday. It was a full on job. Weekends were busy and calls would come in every 6 seconds or so, customers were rarely very nice due to the nature of the job, loo breaks were timed (you got in trouble for taking too long), some days I was so mentally drained I’d get home and realise I couldn’t remember driving home which is a bit scary considering it was almost all motorways in the dark! Horribly stressful. So yes, not a good Friday feeling at all knowing that was ahead.

This Friday feeling isn’t bad though. Sure I’m working but it’s not for long and at least the customers are usually friendlier. I’ve got next weekend off. I’m not entirely sure why but somehow I’m not working again for two weeks after this weekend which isn’t bad. Even better I get holiday pay which is nice! Next Friday I’ll get a Friday feeling. A weekend where I can go to bed late, get up late and play games all day long if I wish. Plus Saturday night I think I’ll cook a big curry. I’m thinking Tandoori Chicken and maybe try a Balti recipe I found the other day. Lovely. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy your weekends regular Monday-Friday folk! And if you are working in any capacity, at least you don’t have timed loo breaks. Unless of course you do then you have my pity. You poor, poor sod.

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 106of365: That Friday Feeling

  1. Rachel

    Yeah, it’s going to take me a while to get the hang of new-look Fridays! Simultaneously feeling delightfully mellow Friday-ish whilst prepping my stuff for an early start and work tomorrow…

  2. Pete Davison

    I’ve had a curious mix of Friday feelings since joining the world of the gainfully employed. And then getting out of it again!

    I spent three years working as a secondary school teacher, which meant I REALLY appreciated Fridays when they came around.

    Next I worked retail, which meant that “weekend” became a relative term applicable to the two days off you’d have that week. I learned to appreciate having midweek days off, as it meant that you could go to town and it be quiet, rather than the hellhole filled with mewling, puking idiots that it is on an ACTUAL weekend.

    Then I spent several months working as a primary school teacher, which meant I REALLY… you get the idea.

    Now I’m unemployed, so Fridays have lost their meaning again for the moment. Starting from next week, when I’ll be doing some supply teaching work along with the writing stuff I have to do now too, I’ll start appreciating them again, I think.

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