Blog a Day 105of365: Moving House

This morning I was woken rather early (for me) by the noise of a drill coming from next door. I wouldn’t be bothered normally but I’ve slept badly all week so lie ins are rather common this week. I need my sleep so desperately! Also, it reminds me of what the future holds.

Ever since I’ve lived here (nearly 22 years) there’s been two old women living next door. They’re sisters who inherited the house because their father built it along with our house around 100 years ago. They’ve never been the nicest of women and been rather spiteful, however they’ve always been very quiet. One of them died a few years ago in her early 90s leaving one left. That one’s now gone into a home and it doesn’t look like she’ll ever be leaving. So now the grand daughter of one of the women looks after the house. Annoyingly it looks like the house is slowly being renovated in time for it to be sold. There’s no certainty but it seems to be going that way considering how much work is being put into it at the moment.

Today was the turn of the central heating. My Mum discovered that the boiler was being replaced along with all the radiators. Seems a pretty expensive job to me to simply leave the house be so I suspect it’s either going to be rented out or sold off. Annoying.

It’s nice living to a quiet, empty house. While the walls are pretty thick, it’s quickly becoming apparent that they’re not that quiet if people are actually moving about next door.

Financially since my Dad’s death we’ve not been doing hugely well although at least the house is owned outright now. Plus it’s a big house for only two people, and it requires a lot of maintenance. It’s always been quite likely that we’d have to sell the house but now it’s looking a bit more likely.

The house does need a lot of work doing though. Pretty much every room needs a lick of paint and re-organising, plus various DIY related jobs and the garden needs a bit of work doing yet again. It’s a big garden full of promise but it’s a lot to tame when you bear in mind my Mum’s chronic neck injury and the fact I spent most of last Summer laid up with a broken foot. Which is pretty much why the entire house needs a big sort out!

I’ve got very mixed feelings about moving. I’ve lived here almost my entire life and, excluding a year in Stafford, it’s all I know. It’s exciting moving somewhere new but also rather scary. Lucky then that it won’t be for a while. It’ll probably be a year or so at best till we get the house into a decent state.

We both had a brief look at the houses we’d be able to afford. We’d be downsizing without a doubt so have quite a limited budget but it looks like we currently have better options than I’d have anticipated which is something.

Still, it’s a while off to worry about too much. But it’s certainly coming, it’s been slowly getting nearer for two years now so I think it has to happen eventually.