Hardly a roundup this week. Despite submitting 4 different reviews/articles this week, only 2 have actually gone live yet. Boo.

Anyway, on with the sho…entry.

I reviewed Rise of Prussia for Resolution. It was hard. Scary hard. If you like wargames though, proper wargames that is, you’ll like this. You’ll also probably scare me.

“Grand strategy” is quite an intimidating phrase to tie to a game. Which makes it a wholly appropriate way to describe Rise of Prussia. AGEOD are known for developing war games aimed at a very specific audience, and it’s certainly accomplished that here.

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Then there was another hard game to review: Infinite Space for Nidzumi. I enjoyed it more than Rise of Prussia but it really wasn’t very welcoming to players.

Infinite Space is a hugely ambitious RPG for the DS and it shows. While there’s no denying that Infinite Space is an enjoyable experience if you put the time into it, at times it’s overwhelmingly detailed and difficult to progress. Look past the hardcore exterior, you’ll see a hardcore interior but one that really does deserve any dedicated RPG fan’s time.

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And yeah, that was it for the week. How minimal for me although I did produce twice as much work at least!

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