I’ve spent most of the day thinking what to write about here. You see it’s blog number 100 which is quite a momentous occasion really considering I almost didn’t participate at all. It sounds a little silly now but it felt like too big a commitment. However here I am having achieved 100 blog entries.

One every single day, not missed a day, not had to catch up and not even had a technical hitch. Excellent.

It’s down to my stubbornness really. If I vow to do something, I do it. While I battle with deep feelings of inadequacy at times left over since my Dad’s death, even on the darkest days I still refuse to give up. I guess on the low days I should remind myself of that.

The problem is I’m not sure there is an entry that I could conjure up to make number 100 extra special.

Instead I think I’m just going to have to feel quietly smug that I managed it. I’m sitting here yawning with my feet up on a stool because they’re sore after work but I’m still writing. Because no way am I going to give in. It’s not in my nature.
Whether every entry will be a classic however, there’s another matter. I’ll try my best though!

As you may have guessed by now, this is no classic entry. It is however a milestone which isn’t bad going at all.

Blog a Day 100of365: The 100th entry