52 – 6

Week 6.
I went to London for the day yesterday to Capcom’s HQ to play Resident Evil 5 a month before release and interview their head of PR on the game. While there, I got a freebie Resident Evil 5 bag and I met Aceybongos, the community manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa for xbox.com as well as got the crucial interview of course
Brilliant experience. Hopefully it’ll be repeated at some point too as I like to think I’m doing everything possible to make a career out of this.
Of course that meant I spent much of last night and all of today writing up the article which I’ve just finished. I’m knackered now!

PS: I wish I had a real camera then some of this would be in focus properly 😛

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  1. Kitten

    you’re doing fine as it is. Glad you had a fab day, look forward to reading the review 😀

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