52 – 1

Quite a few friends of mine have started doing 365 photography projects whereby they take a photo every day of the year, part as a record of the year and part to improve their photography skills, and of course for fun! Two great examples of which are ChicGeek and Dee Gregory.
Anyway I’m no photographer but I love the idea so I thought I’d give it a go, albeit slightly simpler. I’ve gone for a 52. A photo a week. I’ve only got my trusty iPhone so the photo quality could be so much better, but it’s worth a go 😀 Maybe if I have some money spare at some point, I can save up for a camera. Anyway, on with the show.

Harry the cat who’s been a bit poorly and had just been sick. He’s not looking too happy!

4 thoughts on “52 – 1

  1. Paul_T

    Give SteadyCam a go from the App Store – free and great for indoor pics without blurring.

  2. Haly Post author

    Cheers for the tip 🙂 I’ll get downloading!

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